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While in a nail salon I was reading a magazine and stumbled upon an article about a cafe near Holy Spirit here in Q.C.  I took note of the address and phone number and decided that I should give them a try someday. After a few months the opportunity came up so here it goes…                                                                      the menu                                                  white wooden tables & chairs                                                              the cute decors                                            a bigger chair but with a small table                                                                       Dessert?                                                                 Cute cookies

Now let’s check out the food.                                                              Beef tapa Php160                                                               Bangus Php145                                                         Double choco Php85

                                                         Frozen brazo Php75

Main dish was delicious especially the tapa because it was a bit sweet.  Service size is also okay however what we didn’t really enjoy was the dessert.  The frozen brazo de mercedes was literally frozen making it hard to slice and it was so cold that it was hard for me to enjoy it’s taste.  Hehehe.  What I’m not sure of is whether we should have given it time to soften a little before eating it or what?  Hahaha.  Sad to say that experience wasn’t really what we expected.  The double choco is not so moist either.

They have a few more items in their menu which may be worth trying.  We just live nearby so maybe trying their other food with another friend would be a good idea.  As for the dessert… maybe we raised the bar too high because of the ambiance? Hmmm…. anyway you be the judge.  Check out their FB page at

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